5 Simple Ways to Practice Safety This Summer

It’s Summertime, and Wow! The Heat is On..

During the summer, more families take vacations and summer breaks just to relax and unwind from a busy school year. However, in the midst of being “busy” we become so relaxed and let our defensive guards down.
Come with me as we explore some safety tips to keep those little sweet ones safe.

1. Home:

Walk around your home, check to see that your outlets are covered and safe and the overall home environment is free from hazards. Pay special attention to furniture and toys, ensure there are not any loose fragments or breaks that can cause choking or injuries. Watch those cabinets, drawers and low places that small ones can put their little fingers inside. Adding those additional safety locks can come in handy with those curious toddlers.

2. Food:

Watch the amount of sugar and processed foods the children eat. High sugary foods really zap the energy from the children. Make sure they drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruit and various vegetables. Make eating time very special by adding flavors to those drinks or whip cream to that fruit. Spend those special moments in the kitchen or grilling on the porch or at the park.


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3. Water:

Watch those babies around water. Each year, we read numerous stories about children drowning and we want to ensure our children are not among the statistics. Make sure they are swimming where a lifeguard is present or several adult swimmers are in and around the water. Also, make sure the children wear floaties and other swimming supporting agents. One thing my parents always told us, “do not swim on a full stomach”. Keep it light and keep them hydrated.

4. Vehicle:

We can never speak enough on car safety and looking before leaving. With the rise of temperatures, children die every summer for accidentally being locked inside. Placing a purse, bag, computer or special item in the backseat will help parents look before they leave. Also, reminding families, friends and loved ones to pay special attention in the summer.

5. Stranger Safety:

As you travel to various destinations, pay attention and hold those sweet one tightly. Although we go to have a great time, we do not know whose presence we may be in. Unfortunately, people scout children out in busy places, only to lead them astray and kidnap them. Hold those hands tightly and always know where your children are. Pay attention to tunnels, hallways, crammed places to ensure they are safe and supervised. Watch other people’s children too when they seem to preoccupied.

Just a few tips and reminders as we enjoy safe summer 2017! Have a great time and enjoy creating special memories. Capture those sweet faces and precious moments.

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