Laurens Little One’s Family Daycare

Lauren’s Little One’s is a Family owned daycare service located
in Sheridan, Indiana.

In a downstairs environment, completely dedicated to the children, Lauren’s Little One’s find a safe, loving, and enriching atmosphere. The Little’s get to spend their days in a home-like “yes space” atmosphere. Every day I make home-cooked, healthy meals.  The kids play and explore at their own pace in our stable and fun child-led learning environment. With long hours and reasonable rates, when Lauren’s Little One’s join our family, they stay until they are ready for grade school.


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 Lauren’s Little One’s Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to offer a childcare service which allows children to grow from infants and toddlers to young people. Children who value their environment, their peers, and themselves.
My mission is to empower my children with social-emotional and developmental skills as they prepare for life. I allow the children with a sense of success and self-confidence as they develop their character. And our mission is to give them a supportive, learning experience- which is slightly beyond their reach, yet still close enough to aspire to, and challenge their personal capacity.

I believe there is no limit when it comes to caring for our children. So there is no boundary for helping them realize their ability. All children deserve respect- treated as individuals.  In this environment, they will then welcome reason, exploration, question, and imagination. As a caregiver, I respect and encourage each child’s need for love, security, acceptance, warmth, and stimulation.

For more information about our daily life, and to inquire about care, please visit

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