The Fall Bucket List Your Family Needs This Year

Do you have a fall bucket list?

Fall is a bittersweet time.

After the heat of summer, the crisp fall air is heavenly. The foliage mimics a sunset, and pumpkin spice everything is the craze. However, once fall bids us ado, winter rears it’s cold, snowy head.

So embrace fall for all it’s glory, and show your children the joys of fall with this bucket list:

  1. Go apple picking. Use the apples to make apple pie, apple juice, dried apple slices, and apple sauce. (Find some great recipes on our Pinterest Page!) Integrate a book into your cooking experience for Books and Cooks!
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch and see who can find the biggest pumpkin.
  3. Make pumpkin cream cheese muffins. (I love this recipe from The Novice Chef!)
  4. Rake a large pile of leaves and JUMP in it. Forget the chores of cleaning up the yard; show your children a fun time!
  5. As a part of Park Mondays, go for a walk in a nature preserve. Comment on the foliage colors. (Bonus: this is great for building verbal and literacy skills!)
  6. Collect acorns, leaves, pine cones, and other fall “droppings”. What can you find on the ground that’s fallen from trees? How many different colors and types of leaves have you collected?
  7. Carve or paint a pumpkin together.
  8. Visit every local park one more time before winter buries them in snow.
  9. Have a bonfire one more time, roasting s’mores.
  10. Stargaze; Now that it’s getting dark earlier, you can take your little children outside to see the stars.

What are your favorite autumn bucket list items?

What ways do you integrate the season into your childcare in a play-based manner? We’d love to hear! Drop us a line in the comments.


Hi all! I’m Stephanie: a sister, daughter, wife, mother of three, childcare provider, business owner, woman, breastfeeding, baby wearing mama, early childhood educator, ultra organized and ambitious human who calls Wisconsin home. I’m the ultimate believer that everything has a season, all things in moderation, and the biggest lover of little humans and their big emotions. I have a wide range of passions, but the three littles that call me mama are my favorites!

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  1. Sonal Bharuka

    October 5, 2017 at 1:46 am

    That’s a great fall bucket list. We went apple picking this fall with my kiddo and she had so much fun.

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