Engage Sensory Play with this Simple Slime Recipe

What Childcare Provider doesn’t love a great slime recipe? After all, what child doesn’t love to dive their fingers into thick, gooey slime? For that matter, what adult doesn’t secretly love playing with slime?

This simple slime recipe will have your Little’s busy all morning long!

I love a good sensory engagement activity. It’s a fabulous way to break up those awful daycare winter blues. And sensory play is a wonderful way for kids brain development! Read some fabulous ways to engage kids in sensory play (and clean up) here through Breastfeeding World:

“Its a given that kids are hands on learners. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a toddler who learns by sitting still and being talked at. Try to explain to a child about how snow melts. Now place a clump of snow in his hands. Let him feel the cold, experience how the warmth of his hands turns the snow into water. Which is the better teacher? There is something incredibly soothing about digging your hands into a bin of rice and feeling it fall through your fingers. At the same time, the child’s brain is learning about mass displacement, gravity, etc, without even realizing it. Pouring, filling, dumping from cup to cup also encourage fine motor skills.”

I’ve done a lot of fun sensory and slime recipes through my years as a nanny and daycare provider with Lauren’s Little Ones. However I have never, ever done this simple slime recipe until this last month! While it deviates from my typical, food-grade sensory fun, so it had to be kept away from very small mouths, my tiny humans loved it.(Side note: We got the recipe from www.hip2save.com– go give them a shout and say hi!)This is definitely a slime recipe we will use again! Hint:This is the slime recipe from hip to save, but I doubled the ingredients so there would be enough for all of my Littles.

Slime Recipe Ingredients:

1/2 Cup (1, 4oz bottle) of white school glue

1/2 Cup Water

1 tsp borax powder (plus 1 cup water)

optional: food coloring, glitter, essential oils.

 Directions (and what NOT to do!)

Mix the first two ingredients together, adding any optional fun stuff (coloring, glitter, etc), and stir REALLY well. In a separate bowl, mix the teaspoon of borax with 1 cup of water. Slowly combine the two mixtures, and you will see the slime begin to form almost immediately. You can let your Little’s get in there, and stir it around with their hands, really mushing it up. Not only is this additional sensory engagement, but it is also great practice in patience and taking turns! It will look something like this:

Slime, slime recipe, borax, glue, sensory play, the playground chronicles, Laurens little ones, Lauren lewis
Gross, right?!


 So it’s at this point in time that the recipe says to drain the excess water off.

Well, mine wasn’t draining super well so I thought I would be clever. I used my strainer to drain the excess H2o. Bad idea guys, BAD IDEA.

daycare mom, daycare, family childcare, slime recipe, pinterest fail, borax, glue, sensory play

Lucky me, It rinsed clean fairly easily, and I had pretty pink slime leftover for the Littles!

The slime kept them occupied for well over 45 minutes (major score for any early childhood educator!) although they did need a little reminding to keep it at the train table, and NOT to carry it over to the kitchen. (Check out my blog post on why these items are so essential for a home daycare playroom here!) If the slime gets into clothing or carpet, its a little worrying as it seems to kind of form into the fabric. Cool for kids, horrifying for their care-givers. Fortunately, it comes out easily with warm water, just like it did out of my strainer. Hurrah!

Engage sensory play with this simple homemade slime recipe, borax, slime, glue, daycare, preschool, sensory play, the playground chronicles, laurens little ones,
Don’t you want to dig your fingers in?
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  1. simplel2

    April 13, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    My son loves playing with slime! It’s a great recipe! We make it quite often and I always have a glue bottle or two around in case he wants to make some!

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