The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Bug Bites

Let’s talk Bug Bites for a minute.

Bug bites are the worst! UGH!  Let’s forget about the fact that they carry disease (like ZIKA!), send us running inside on beautiful summer nights, or make us smell like we swam in a chemical factory only to STILL get bitten. Because bug bites, when you’re a mom- are a whole different Mt. Everest to climb.

You see, as a mom, we neglect ourselves– and that may be OK, we are adults, we will get over it. But we can’t neglect our kids. We can’t leave them susceptible to disease, to be eaten alive by those nasty blood-sucking creatures and their nasty bug bites and stings. Or worse- if we do, we will have to listen to the whining for the next week from our children- it itches, it hurts, “but I can’t stop scratching!”- all because you failed to take precautionary measures when you went camping last weekend.

And don’t forget the stingers. Every year, our entire neighborhood becomes infested with mean, angry wasps. Our neighborhood is also infested with wild, outdoor loving children. Including my Daycare Littles. It’s not a good combination. Last year, my daughter was stung, and so this year she is terrified of going out side if she sees the slightest semblance of a buzzing insect.

Well Never Fear, Moms and Dads; This quick Guide will leave you and your kids itch-and-sting-free this summer!

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure, right?

So first, let’s explore some great “tricks of the trade” to avoid getting those bug bites in the first place!

Essential Oils:

I am a self-proclaimed, bonified essential  oils addict. When I play with all of my tiny bottles and smells, it fills me with happiness (which may or may not be induced by smelling the oils. I have a veritable “witches brew” (as my husband likes to say) collection that I diffuse, roll on, mix into a salve- you name it. Not only do most of them smell nice- but they WORK. I LOVE Plant Therapy because they are fact based, therapeutic grade- and affordable. Keep in mind that oils are not safely tested and approved for children under 2.

Dryer Sheets:

This is a lot less natural method. In fact, you may first want to check studies about the toxicity of dryer sheets and the chemicals they release into the home. But whatever is in them, also drive the bugs away, and it’s effective. When we go to the drive- in, we just stick some bounce sheets in our pockets and around the car and it helps keep my family bite-free.

An Oscillating Fan:

Mosquitos can't fly against the wind a fan makes- Conquer bug bites with this and other tips from, the Playground Chronicles

It’s the most brilliant and simple way to keep those mosquitoes away when camping or attempting to enjoy summer on your back patio. Why does it work? Well, according to,

“Mosquitoes are relatively weak fliers, so placing a large fan on your deck can provide a low-tech solution.” Fan’s may also blow away the scent of carbon dioxide that humans give off- which the website says is the main attractant to female mosquitoes.

And Just in Case You Still End Up the Hapless Victim of those Awful Bug Bites or Bee Stings…

Here are some quick and easy ways to get over the itch faster- and it’s safe for your kids too!

Baking Soda

Baking Soda has so many fabulous uses- baking, science experiments, cleaning… and neutralizing bee stings. During Wasp-ocolypse 2016, I found out fast that making a paste of baking soda and water takes the sting out of wasp stings quickly.


Yup! This is the same stuff you put on your cranky toddler’s gums. But did you know it does a great (if not temporary) job of taking away the itch from nasty mosquito bites. (Although I would avoid using it on scratched open bites or open wounds.)

Essential Oils-mosquito bites are the bain of summer! Learn how to avoid and treat them from, the playground chronicles, bug bites

Again! I use them for everything! Including a fabulous recipe I found on Plant Therapy’s Website:

What you’ll need;

What you’ll do;

  1. Melt beeswax in a double boiler.
  2. Turn to low and mix in carrier oil to beeswax.
  3. Turn off heat and add all essential oils.
  4. Pour into lip balm tubes.
  5. Allow to harden then put cap on.
  6. You can print Avery 22804 Anti Itch Stick labels.

“The Bug Bite Thing”


This little gadget is only $10 on Amazon, and yet works like a charm! It’s great for both bug bites and Bee Stings- I’ve even used it to help pull an errant spinter to the surface so that I could tweeze it out. The kids are so fascinated by it that they don’t mind at all! The makers of the bug bite thing send me a free trial so that I could provide a true and honest review of it for you. Now I’m not sure how well it REALLY sucks out the poison, I do feel like I had to use it a couple times, but I noticed our bites diminished a lot faster than they typically do, so I’m calling that  a win!

What is “The Big Bite Thing?

The website explains that the Bug Bite thing is a simple invention.

“Bug Bite Thing® is an easy-to-use suction tool that quickly and effectively extracts insect poison from below the skin.  It works on a wide range of bites & stings including mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, ants, black flies and more. It’s all natural, doesn’t contain any chemicals or creams, and is safe for the whole family. This ancient extraction technique is clinically proven and kid friendly. The small, reusable pump conveniently stows in a pocket, first aid kit or travel bag. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

I feel like it is definitely worth the small cost, as it’s small and reusable, fits great in a purse or diaper bag, or in my case, my outside bag filled with water bottles, sunscreen, baby wipes…and my bug bite thing!

What are your favorite ways to beat the bugs this summer? Do you try more natural techniques with your family and Littles? Do you feel they are effective? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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