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Behind The Playground Chronicles

Located in rural Sheridan, Indiana, Lauren Lewis is the only caregiver in her Home Daycare, Lauren’s Little One’s. 

These kids are my Little’s- and they are my life. The greatest benefit to being able to work from home raising these tiny humans is that it also allows me to stay at home. Not only do I get to spend my day with kids, I also get to raise my own tiny humans, Imp and O. There is no way I could ever do it all if it wasn’t for the love and support from The Hubster.

After becoming a mother, I unexpectedly leaned towards all things “crunchy” parenting. As such, I’ve become enthusiastic about all things breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and cloth-diapering. I love to cook, read, and spend time with my family.


Breastfeeding World

About Lauren Lewis, daughter, breaseeding world
My daughter, Imp, pretending to “nurse” her baby at Breastfeeding World’s Winter shoot with Quite Dandy Photography

After I had my son, Oliver, Alexia Garcia with Breastfeeding World contacted me about becoming a volunteer blog contributor. It became the perfect melding of my passion for breastfeeding, and my love for my writing.  From there, I help edit for our team of 10 amazing bloggers. Together with our Breastfeeding World “Dream Team”, we host yearly Latch On’s as a part of the Global Big Latch On Movement. Located in New York, Martha’s Vineyard, and my own Hamilton County, Indiana, last year we saw over 1,000 breastfeeding supporters join together to help normalize breastfeeding.

Lauren Lewis’s Childcare Experience and Ideology

I believe in letting kids be kids.  That Play Matters more than ABC’s (because that will come). My goal as a childcare provider is to foster their natural state of wonder and joy. Not by worksheets, but by reading, playing, drawing and building. I believe that a secure attachment with their parents and caregivers is what gives children the confidence it takes to go and be independent in the world.

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My son, O. (photo credit: Quite Dandy Photography for Breastfeeding World)

I began my childcare career as a nanny in 2007.  Spending time as a babysitter, nanny, and daycare provider has allowed me to work with children of a variety of ages and backgrounds. Every age and stage is unique and beautiful and trying in it’s own way. I run a family childcare home, because kids are my passion. What seems like an eternity ago,  I majored in Education at IUPUI, however I am always eager to learn more and grow as a provider, writer, and parent.

My hope is for The Playground Chronicles to become a place for both parents and providers. So that we may Learn, grow and share together.

Parenting is tough.

Parenting half a dozen kids who aren’t yours is even tougher.

There’s no reason we should do it alone.

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