4 Babywearing Must-Haves for your Baby Carrier Stash

You guys, I’m so excited for my Carrier Stash. You see, my unicorn wrap is on sale at WrapsodyBaby.com.

Meet Dinah:

The 5 baby carriers you must have in your baby Carrier stash: Meet Dinah- The Breeze wrap is tea-stained with coffeecup imressions inside a lost time clock- a unicorn wrap- and wrapsody baby is having a huge sale this weekend!
Photo taken from Wrapsody Baby’s Website


She’s basically me, in a soft, lightweight, and durable wrap. Lost time, coffee stains, and all the babywearing love. As if I don’t have enough carriers (cue eye roll and slight self shame). But when you wear all the babies, you need all the carriers. And I need this gorgeous Breeze from Wrapsody. 

Here is why every babywearing parent (and lets face it, every parent should babywear, it’s amazing) should own a Breeze in their carrier stash:

The 5 baby carriers you must have in your baby Carrier stash: Wrapsody breeze, gauze wrap, must have wrap, carrier stash,wrapsody baby. huge sale
Photo Cred: WrapsodyBaby.com
  1. Breathability: The Breeze is a “gauze woven wrap”. It’s lightweight, breathable, strong, and compact. The Breeze is the perfect summer or warm-weather wrap, or great if you are a “hot-blooded” person.
  2. Comfort: Of all the different styles of carriers in your babywearing carrier stash, I find wrapping the most supportive, excellent for bad backs or long wrap naps. The sleepy dust is strong with this one.
  3. It’s just so pretty! Seriously. Check out the Breeze colorways. Did I show you Dinah? Dear Lord. Wrapping is a fashion statement of its own.
  4. Pockets: Who doesn’t love pockets? Remember when LulaRoe revealed their Amelia dress with pockets? People went nuts. The pocket design in the Breeze is for folding up the breeze inside it for easy transport. But honestly I’m so geeked to have a place to stash my phone when I’m rocking my crazy Miss Frizzle-esque leggings and no pockets.
  5. It’s safe: Wrapsody puts a huge emphasis on safety and responsibility. Kristi, the owner of the Wrapsody brand, founded the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance in 2010. The Dye’s used for the Breeze’s are ISO-9001 compliant, and they make sure that all the dye’s used are free of heavy metals and other harmful substances. To read more about the company’s sustainable business practices, check it out here.

A gauze wrap is the must-have warm weather wrap for every family. Do not miss out on the amazing sale Wrapsody Baby is having this weekend. You will totally kick yourself for it.

Now I admit, when I bought my first baby carrier, I gawked in horror at all the parents proudly displaying their insane carrier stash in online groups.

4 Babywearing Must-Haves for your Carrier Stash

Why would anyone need that many carriers? A baby worn is a baby worn, right? Not necessarily. I mean, yes, in reality, every carrier is going to give you a hands-free, get stuff done, baby bonding opportunity. But not every circumstance is the same. Not every baby, wearer, and situation are going to call for the exact same carrier. And honestly, not just babies benefit from being worn. Toddlers do too. Heck, I’ve even worn my preschooler for short amounts of time.

So here is my list of top 4 Baby Carriers you need in your Babywearing stash:

Gauze or Breathable Carrier:

You obviously just read why I think the Breeze wins this category, hands down. But there are many carriers which fall in this category and are excellent! The Lillebaby Airflow is another great one- it’s mesh panel is lightweight and breathable.


5 must have for your babywearing carrier stash

SSC stands for Soft Structured Carrier. It’s probably the most common carrier. So a sort of a gateway babywearing drug for your carrier stash, if you will. Common brands are Ergo, Tula, Kinderpack and Lillebaby. Personally, I can’t brag on my Lille enough. It’s my husband’s favorite (aka the only one he will use) because of the ease of use.

It’s great for trips to the museum, zoo, etc. when you have a Little that wants up and down a lot. I love that you can use it forward facing, rear facing, or tummy to tummy. I loved my first purchase0 a charcoal original Lillebaby. My first (and only) Lille purchase was a charcoal original. I wanted something discrete and that could go with anything, anytime. It was the Lille that I fell in love with- Lille which made me realize I needed a stash of beautiful wraps and carriers- and not just one would do.

Ring Sling:

Ring slings are AMAZING for little babies, but strong enough for toddlers. For hip carries, ring slings are my favorite. And while to me they get uncomfortable after a while of wear, they are perfect for stuffing in your diaper bag. They’re excellent for quick ups. My first ring sling was a Bibetts Linen sling (I ordered through Etsy)- it’s very lightweight and affordable. I also adore Sakura Bloom’s ring slings. (I have an olive and sand silk that’s to die for and extra sturdy). Wrapsody also has some beautiful Colorways on sale this weekend!

Woven or Hybrid Wrap:

This is the one class, in my eyes, where you can never have enough. If you look at the stash shots from my fellow Wrapsody Brand Ambassadors, you’ll notice the majority of the items in their carrier stash shots are wraps. There are different lengths, textiles, and colors variations- it’s hard to pick just one. For building the basics of your stash, and learning, I would go with one relevant to your base size- in a hybrid or woven texture. Super stretchy wraps such as K’tan and the Moby limit the ways you can carry them (not on your back) and aren’t super comfortable long past infancy.

4 babywearing must haves for your carrier stash

What is your baby carrier unicorn, the style or print that you just have to have? What’s the carrier that you can’t live without? Tell us about your stash in the comments!

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