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Motherhood: Losing your Mind and Finding your Soul

There is nothing more complex, challenging, or fulfilling than the privilege of raising tiny humans.  And good LORD we are screwing it up! Or, in other moments, we are absolutely nailing it. I mean, look at our kids, they're disasters! But then again, look at our kids! They're amazing and brilliant and kind of magical. We love them with our whole being, and we will do anything to make their worlds just a little more special.

Breastfeeding World

The Breastfeeding World Project began as a photo project geared towards providing support and normalizing breastfeeding for families in NYC. Since then, we have grown to a multi-faceted, global project. Between our free photo shoots, our blog (filled with knowledge and love from amazing professionals from all over the world), our Coast to Coast Big Latch On events, and our social media, Breastfeeding World now reaches thousands of families a month with one goal, "Sharing the Breastfeeding Love". I am so proud to be a part of such an inspiring organization. 

Providing Childcare Professionals the Information They Need

Running a childcare business takes more than a love of children. It takes passion, savvy and LOTS of support! When I first opened my home daycare 5 years ago, I struggled finding solid information to help me begin my business. I realized that there's no way that I'm alone in that struggle. So now I'm so fortunate to share my experiences and advice. Raising tiny humans is hard. Raising tiny humans that aren't yours- no one should have to do it alone. Find your resources here on the Playground! 

The Playground Chronicles

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